Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shoe Thursday: Tango

So, in honor of yesterday's visit here in San Diego by Archbishop Gregory Venables, I thought I'd showcase shoes from Argentina. If you google "argentina designer shoes," you get TANGO!

So here we go - these are all handmade in Argentina!

For the ladies


And for the gentlemen

Neo Tango
So, who's ready to take lessons??


Hening said...

I live in the woods of New England. Those shoes would last one day. We need something that doesn't let water in and can get scuffed by blow downs on the way to church.

If you've ever seen ghillies (Scottish shoe that was the grandfather of the wingtip), they were designed with all of those design holes to let water out of the shoe since the Scottish bogs were so wet.

We also need a dress sneaker for acolytes 8-)

Anne Coletta said...

I agree about the dress sneaker! And being here in southen California, a dress sandal wouldn't be out of line either.