Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tactics explained at Fr. Jake's

I always get tactics and strategy confused, so I may be using the wrong term in the headline. But whichever it is, it's happening now!

From the Rev. Susan Russell over at Fr. Jake's on justifying All Saints move to start performing same-sex weddings [boldface mine]:

Although it's certainly debatable, reading Canon 17:5 in conversation with Canon 18:1 we believe that the spirit of those canons transcends the letter of the language describing marriage as a union between a man and a woman in Canon 18:2b. And we'll be suggesting fixing that in Anaheim.

It's arguable that the 1976 approval of the ordination of women wouldn't have happened without 1974 and Philadelpia pushing the church to amend the canons to reflect the reality there WERE women who were priests. I'll argue it's the same here ... and that the church needs to amend the canons to reflect the reality that there are same-sex couples who are MARRRIED.

But remember, Bishop Bruno knows nothing about any of this! But Susan Russell+ has that covered as well:
+Jon's letter to the clergy said ...

I remind you that pastoral acts are personal decisions between clergy and members of your congregation.

... which is why we don't have to ask for "permission" for blessings -- which have been happening at All Saints Church for over 15 years -- and where we'll stand when we start marrying gay couples on June 16th.

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Hening said...

Strategy is the overlay of a complete action for change. A general is a strategist. Tactics represent the actions that will bring about the result of the strategy.

The Fortress of Doom has the Presiding Bishop and her winged monkeys planning the strategy for total domination of the Episcopal Church through Homosexual Liberation Theology. Arrogant and self centered field lackeys such as Susan Russel then act out their local tactics in order to bring the satanic strategy into fruition.

Meanwhile, those of us who love the Church, and Christ wait for St. Michael, who is the tactician for the one, true God.