Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Waiting for Lambeth and GAFCON as patience wears utterly thin"

The Tipping Point
Brad Drell gets to the heart of it all (see what taking a few days off from blogging will do for you?) [boldface mine]:

. . . +Rowan utterly disappoints with his most recent letter. The only positives I can see is that liberal friends of mine are complaining that Rowan is using the Windsor Report to stiffle the Holy Spirit (as if the Holy Spirit was what brought about the actions of GC2003) and that he may be chastising certain folks who are trouble makers. . .

Moreover, what everyone seems to be missing is that some sort of structural relief is necessary to provide conservatives some sort of safe haven within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. TEC was asked to provide this a number of times. They have not. The only thing that can be done is to excommunicate TEC from the Anglican Communion and recognize someone else. This is solely because of TEC’s intransigence and abuse of reconciliation. . .

I still laugh inside when TEC claims it is Windsor Compliant when so many liberal websites have an avatar claiming not to be Windsor complaint with the recent complaints of Windsor stifling the Holy Spirit. They just don’t get it that same sex blessings continue apace, have not abated on iota, and have even been adopted in more places. TEC has never complied with the Windsor Report, so the border crossings don’t have to stop, in my mind.

As GAFCON and Lambeth approach, it amazes me that so many moderates bent on not rocking the boat continue to claim that “we just don’t know enough” to make some decision about structural realignment. Patience on the part of conservatives is wearing way too thin to play these sorts of games. I’ve often thought over the past years that some of the folks that left perhaps did so prematurely. I don’t think that anymore. Convincing moderates of the need for structural relief seems to me to be a waste of time at this point. What more can be said? Unless you have kept your head in the sand over the last five years, it blinks at reality not to see what is going on.

Read it all.

I have considered Brad to be a solid institutional conservative - with a deep love for the Episcopal Church and also willing and able to work within the ECUSA structure to make sure the traditional voices are heard. While I was that, I am no longer because of the events of the past few years. And if even Brad is starting to waver on whether to stay or go, all I can say is, the Windsor bishops and the Camp Allen bishops have a lot to answer for.

So many opportunities lost and chances missed. I don't think they truly yet realize that. I think the church has been dealing with this for so many decades that many bishops and rectors thought this time was just like any other - "full of sound and fury signifying nothing." Maybe if we had a different PB or didn't have today's means of communication, it would have been, but there is in any situation a tipping point, a moment of critical mass - it is here and it is now.

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