Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who will stand up for what is right?

From the Anglican Curmudgeon, a call to action [boldface mine]:

The matters discussed in this post will seem utterly fantastical to some and overly technical, or even irrelevant and incomprehensible, to others. I place this warning at the outset to save either group from having to struggle through what follows. But if you are one of those who is increasingly concerned by the lack of accountability on the part of the leadership of The Episcopal Church, then by all means read on. If you agree with the conclusions I draw, I would ask that you forward a copy of (or a link to) this post to your diocesan Bishop. And if you are one of the very few in a position actually to do something, it is my prayer that you will take what I say here to heart.

The recent publication of a memorandum analyzing the serious violations of the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church (and of the Diocese of San Joaquin!) by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, and the report of a simultaneous sabotage of the site where it was originally published, following denouncements of motives and demands by TEC loyalists for the name of the memorandum's author(s), has significantly raised the procedural ante within The Episcopal Church.

On the one side we have the Presiding Bishop and her Chancellor, along with her Title IV Review Committee, who have charged the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh with having "abandoned the Communion of this Church" in supposed violation of Canon IV.9. (For a full analysis of why such charges against a Bishop like +Duncan, who has no intention of leaving the Anglican Communion, constitute an abuse of this Canon, see my earlier posts here and here.) Despite the fact that the three senior bishops of the Church refused to agree to the inhibition of Bishop Duncan, the Presiding Bishop has continued to say that she intends to bring a resolution before the House of Bishops at its next meeting to vote on his deposition.

On the other side we have the canon lawyers, who (with the exception of the Presiding Bishop's Chancellor David Booth Beers and his firm) have been unanimous in their opinion that Canon IV.9 cannot be read to allow a vote to depose a Bishop who has not first been inhibited. . .

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