Sunday, June 01, 2008

"and the real (Anglican) Bishop of San Joaquin is ... ???"

From Dan Martins comes this info:

I don't yet know what to make of this, but it's interesting. From here:
Dear Friends,

I received great news three days ago from the office of the manager of the Lambeth Conference. The e-mail says "we are expecting you at the Lambeth Conference". I was wondering when the invitation would arrive or even, some days, if it would ever come to Jane and me. Well, it is here and we are making plans to attend. We attended the Conference in 1998 when I was the Bishop of Northern California.

I am pleased to be going, but I am more pleased because this a clear sign from the Anglican Communion that the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is the only Anglican Diocese in all of inland Central California. I received this invitation because I am your Bishop and, therefore, entitled to attend the Lambeth Conference as the Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

We have much work left to do in bringing this Diocese back together. But, rejoice, sisters and brothers, your faithfulness has been recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury and by the Anglican Communion.

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

In peace,
+Jerry A. Lamb
Bishop of San Joaquin. . .

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JamesW. said...

Anne: I brought this interesting letter to Dan's attention. I note with interest that Lamb's "invitation" comes in the form of an email from the "manager" of the Lambeth Conference and says "we are expecting you ar the Lambeth Conference." One would think that Lamb would put the best face forward on such an invitation, right? He would certainly say it came from Rowan Williams if it did. He would certainly quote any phrase that indicated that Lamb was recognized as the exclusive bishop of San Joaquin. But none of that appears here.

Now it could be that Rowan Williams is attempting to download his dirty work on to some mid-level bureaucrat in switching the invitations. Or it could be that under pressure from the TEC dominated ACO, a mid-level bureaucrat shot off this "its not a real invitation, but come on over to Lambeth anyway" email.

From my experience in Lamb's former diocese, I would say that he certainly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I could easily see Lamb jumping to erroneous conclusions in triumphalist haste. I would say that either Lamb will have a lot of egg on his face, or Rowan Williams will have just ensured full scale anarchy in the Anglican Communion.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the actual question (as opposed to silly/smearing dishonrable speculation regarding a Bishop making up a invitation to Lambeth Conference)...the real bishop of San Joaquin weighs in under 200 pounds and has never been "knocked out."

Hening said...

This could also be a matter of differing cultures. The Brits have a very different sense of protocol when it comes to not rocking the boat. Add the fact that Rowan Williams unfortunately has not displayed any leadership or willingness to stand up against internal or external threats against the church.

Who is under 200 pounds and has never been knocked out? That's too clever for me this early in the morning.