Monday, June 30, 2008

Anglican TV: The Lambeth challenge

From Kevin at AnglicanTV:

From a ATV Viewer:
"O.k. Kevin I got you up to $1,700.00. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to challenge every viewer who is a member of a congregation which is a part of Common Cause to contribute $10.00 each. It is now 0012 hours on 6/30/08. Let's get this done in the next twenty-four hours. Kevin has been there not only for us, but for our children, so that there is a record for posterity of these momentous days that, God willing, may change the course of history not only for the Anglican Church but for the furtherance of the Great Commission to all the World. Kevin doesn't charge subscription fees, perhaps he should?"

Mr Burton and many others have been very generous to AnglicanTV these last two years. To put this in a global perspective for you -- when I am in England I will be filming the Last Lambeth Conference. It will go great with 30 hours of the First Gafcon Conference.

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