Thursday, June 19, 2008

AnglicanTV: Boarding El Al for Tel Aviv and Help needed

From Kevin at AnglicanTV:

Boy... did I throw up some red flags for El Al Airlines. It may have been all the equipment I am traveling with or the passport with a England, Uganda, Tanzania combination. But they searched everything -- just short of a cavity search (whew). Maybe it was the cotton sticking out of my right ear.

UPDATE: I have my own security person assigned to escort me to the gate. She is even sitting with me in at the gate until I board the plane. The benefit is I get to be first to board the plane. The downside is I am not allowed to leave the gate for any reason(even to use the rest room) without security.

And he needs your help - he's looking for chat moderators.
I have a live chat stream included with my live video stream. I am looking for a couple people to moderate the live chat. You will have the ability to block abusive commenters and control other aspects of the chat.

Email Subject: Chat volunteer

If you are interested. Please included the hours you are available and the time zone you are in.


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