Monday, June 02, 2008

AnglicanTV: Cholesteatoma and prayers

From Kevin Kallsen at AnglicanTV, a request for prayers:


In April and May I made three trips to California to record events in San Joaquin, Bakersfield and Oceanside. On my first trip I had lost the hearing in my right ear. As a frequent flyer I quickly assumed that it was just from my ears not popping after the flight. However, the loss of hearing in my ear continued for two weeks and four more flights – just enough to get my attention. . .

The CT Scan confirmed my doctor's suspicions and I have been diagnosed with the benign tumor (cholesteatoma) in my inner ear. Last week I met with my ENT surgeon at Yale and he was optimistic about my prognosis (as the affect on my hearing has been negligible so far and I can relearn to balance) -- but he also wanted to make it clear that while the surgery is only four hours the recovery time in measured in months. There is also a high rate of reoccurrence if they don't remove everything the first time.

Any complications are based on what they don't know -- which is the size of the tumor behind the eardrum. Only a small portion of the tumor is protruding out through the eardrum and the rest is hidden on the interior (inner ear) side. Sadly cholesteatomas are not clearly visible to MRI or Catscans. So, in theory it could be small tumor and a quick surgery or a large tumor that has invaded the delicate boney structures of the inner ear and the upper cavity of the mastoid. If the latter occurs it may involve a second surgery and grafting of bone to reconstructed damaged areas of the ear structure.

My surgery has been scheduled for June 3rd. I will save you from the absolutely gory details of how they remove a tumor from the inner ear. However, I do ask that you keep me in your prayers. I have several flights scheduled this summer (including GAFCON) and flying will and could hinder the recovery and healing from surgery. If the surgery goes well the doctor will let me fly to St Louis June 10th. If it goes poorly ATV could be grounded for a while.

I would appreciate be added to your church's prayer chains as well.
Thanks for your prayers


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