Monday, June 23, 2008

AnglicanTV: Gafcon diary day three

From Kevin at AnglicanTV:

Diary Day Three:

"So, I traveled three thousand miles on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and all I got was a Gafcon t-shirt." This is a very real possibility and one of several scenarios that may plague us come Sunday.

Everyone is here for a reason, but I think one of the real problems here is the size of the gathering. I spent four hours this morning descending Mount Olives to the Church of All Nations with 1,100 Anglican Pilgrims. The descent was long, hot, and for the most part chaotic.

If this migration chaos transfers itself into the meetings, teachings, and Q and A sessions this week – we will be going home with only a t-shirt. I doubt this will happen, but it should be noted this would be the worse case scenario.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of some serious discussions regarding the authority and power structure of our church. The leadership is eager to listen to discussion about today's church and tomorrow's church. Gafcon organizers seem genuinely interested in using the discernment of both laity and clergy and are unwilling to leave Jerusalem without a statement written and adopted by both. . .

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