Sunday, June 22, 2008

AnglicanTV: Gafcon diary day two

From Kevin at AnglicanTV:

It takes some doing to get the portable TV studio we call AnglicanTV across the globe. Traveling oversees is cumbersome and costly and not something we do without plenty of good reasons. Our previous trips to Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda were successful not because we were there, but because these events were so global in scale that not being there would have left void.

GAFCON represents a departure from our regular video coverage because no one knows the outcome (except the press from the UK). ATV has always covered global events where the end results were nearly certain – this even includes the primates meeting in Dar Es Salaam were we knew the primates we going to give the Episcopal Church an ultimatum.

However, at GAFCON it is safe to say even the leadership is clueless about what to expect -- or what (if anything) will be agreed upon or acted upon by next Sunday. I have spoken with almost everyone in the leadership team this weekend and each leader has made it clear that is no formal agenda to produce a specific outcome. They stress this gathering is a time of listening.

Two other notable items set GAFCON apart from all the previous meetings of the Global South or conservative primates. . .

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