Monday, June 09, 2008

AnglicanTV: "Mr Kallsen, you are cleared for takeoff"

Yea, Kevin is good to go:

There are many things that make living in Connecticut less than desirable: Highest taxes in the nation, highest gas price in the nation, and I pay a premium for my business taxes – just to name a few. One of the best things about living in Connecticut is having access to some of the best health professionals in the world. We live about half an hour north of Yale and I have been treated by the best of the best medical researchers and doctors over the last ten years for Sarcoidosis, Kidney Stones, Disrythmia of the heart and now cholesteatoma. For each of these diseases I have gone out of my way to seek the best doctor in the field and have always ended up at Yale.

This morning I met with Dr Cameron Kirchner (he is the best of the best in ENT surgery) who removed my cholesteatoma last Tuesday. Today he removed my mummy bandages and pulled three huge surgical packings out of the cavity in my ear. Clearly based on all he was able to pack into my ear, my brain may be taking up less space than I thought.

He put in some special ointment and a cotton ball and said; "see you next week". I asked him if I would be ready by June 19th to fly to Jerusalem and he declared; "Mr. Kallsen you are cleared for takeoff next week". He assured me that there would be no complications from my ear surgery and that my prognosis is for a full recovery is excellent – including my hearing.

So, I am packing my suitcases!

Ironically, the bad reaction to the general anesthetic last week may have helped in my quick recovery be keeping me in bed instead of doing some of the normal things I would have been doing: Mowing Lawn, Installing air conditioners, Helping our Pastor paint his house, etc.

I would not be the first to declare pain an answer to prayer.

So, as of today I have no pain, my balance has completely returned and next week I am making a video pilgrimage to the Holy Land and attending Gafcon.

Thank you all for your prayers – your prayers (and mine) have been completely answered!

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