Thursday, June 05, 2008

AnglicanTV: Update on Kevin

From AnglicanTV:

From Kevin's Wife:

As most of you should be aware, Kevin went for surgery to remove a tumor from his ear Tuesday at the Yale Surgery Center. The surgery lasted longer than expected however everything turned out good. The result was that the tumor was larger than anticipated so it took longer to remove. The doctor also had to do more reconstructive surgery than anticipated as well. They had to move a bone around and use cartilage from another area for this process. Kevin was in surgery for over 5 hours. Because of this, he had more anesthesiology and was in the same position for a long time. Afterward in recovery he had painful leg cramps. But with the help of painkillers (!) he was able to move around and eventually started feeling slightly better. So the doctor discharged him to come home tonight! So now he is resting at home and hoping the anesthetics wears off by tomorrow. He also has two different pain killers for the pain he now has in his ear area. He should be feeling much better tomorrow and back to regular diet. He has a big bandage and a "cup" over his ear. He goes back Monday morning to get the bandage changed and hopefully the "cup" will be removed then too. His balance issues should clear up in the next couple of days. We will not know for a couple of months how much hearing he will have in that ear. Overall the doctor thought the surgery went well, prognosis good, and will just take awhile for the ear to heal.

Thanks everyone for your prayers!


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