Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DioBytes: eNews from the Diocese of California

Just by chance I happened upon the Diocese of California's DioBytes web page for June 24. It is described as "a newsletter for clergy, lay leaders, and members of the Diocese of California. We welcome submissions that have a connection to the ministry of the diocese and/or the approval of a diocesan department or commission. Inclusion of submissions is at the discretion of the editors."

Interesting that on this page for June 24, 4 out of the first 7 items dealt with areas of interest for Oasis California, including an invitation to join Bishop Andrus in San Francisco's Pride Celebration this weekend, as well as to participate in the Lambeth "Listening" process through their Letters to Lambeth program.

But the most interesting to me was this:

Youth Confirmation Program

Confirm not Conform, the innovative confirmation program developed by St. John's Oakland, is available for your congregation! Already used by St. John's, Ross; Epiphany, San Carlos; and over 30 parishes nationwide, CnC is a 16-session curriculum that encourages youth to claim and articulate their faith while taking action to change the world and promote the Millennium Development Goals. . .

What can I say? No longer a church, but an arm of the United Nations.

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Perpetua said...

That's Laura Toepfer's program. She just made a comment on a post at the Anglican Scotist. She just got back from three months in Uganda and seems to be a gay activists type.