Monday, June 23, 2008

Fr. Russell at GAFCON: Blessed but exhausted

From, on-going posts from Fr. Russell Martin, St. Timothy & St. Titus, as he goes to GAFCON:

. . . Lunch at the main hotel, followed by the opening Eucharistic Service at 2 p.m. which I was graciously asked to be a chalice bearer--it was simply phenomenal Eucharist service. What a terrific honor, praise God! Then a workshop by the renowned Dr. Oz Guinness on Secularism and its challenges to authentic faith. My posts have been spotty, but I have been swamped. I will try to get another Blog/Journal out to you soon. I have been on full thrust from about 16+ hours now between coordinating the pilgrims at my hotel for transport, assisting in the opening Eucharist and being assigned as Archbishop Venables’ Chaplain. It is wonderful and I have been so very blessed beyond belief but I am bushwhacked. . .

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