Friday, June 20, 2008

GAFCON: The lines, the wallet and my wardrobe

From, on-going posts from Fr. Russell Martin, St. Timothy & St. Titus, as he goes to GAFCON [boldface mine]:

Day 1 of My Pilgrimage to Israel and GAFCON June 16, 2008:

The day began like most travel days, early and in that mad rush of a fog to get the last few things packed. It was also dark, being only 3:30 a.m. when I awoke. After showering and shaving I gathered my bags which I had finished packing the night before, though against all odds, I had actually nearly completed packing the previous Friday. So having finished packed those last few items I began my review:

1. Wallet, with cash
2. Passport
3. Tickets
4. Copies of Itinerary and other conference materials
5. Snacks
6. Cell phone etc.

Fr. Larry Eddingfield arrived, shortly there after, to pick me up at 4:45 a.m. and of course, he was right on time. We loaded the truck with my bags did another review of tickets, wallet, etc.

We arrived at the airport a few minutes after 5 a.m. Following a wonderful blessing, a prayer, and yes another “light” anointing with holy Oil, Fr. Larry released me with a hug and a tear. I proceeded to my first of many LINES that day as I checked my bag and received my boarding pass. During this process my cell phone dropped and hit the floor with an unhealthy thwack! As Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek, “He’s dead Jim!” and so it was. I tried everything I could think of and it would light up for a second and then power down and just be dead, dead, DEAD!

My next line was of course the obligatory Security Check point, which surprisingly enough, moved rather efficiently and no real problems from my fellow line mates or me.

It was then I had my first real challenge of the day I went to the B. of A. ATM and as I went to pull out my Debit Card I was horrified to find it was not there and worse yet neither were my credit cards which I had planned to take. Yikes, “Holy Hamburgers Batman”, we have a real problem. I immediately began to pray and ask the Lord’s help and after a few minutes His glorious peace began to fall on me. Panic resurged as I realized that I had no phone numbers except Molly’s Cell memorized as I always rely on my Address Book in my phone that has now given up the ghost. I made change and tried desperately to find a pay phone, almost as extinct as a T-Rex. After a few minutes of searching and an inquiry to one Port Authority Police Officers I found a phone. I proceeded to call my wife who was by now fully ensconced in purveying Latte’s and Scones to the ‘Brew-o-philes” that faithfully migrate to Starbucks each morning. Suffice it to say, she did not answer her phone. . .

Read it all for a great "up-close and personal" view!

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