Friday, June 20, 2008

Philadelphia: Bishop Bennison will not face charges of misappropriating funds

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A special committee of the Episcopal Church USA has found no basis to try Bishop Charles E. Bennison Jr. on charges of misappropriating assets of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

In November 2006, the diocesan standing committee filed a formal complaint with the presiding bishop's office in New York alleging that since 2000 Bennison had used millions of dollars without canonical authority or the required consent of the standing committee. It asked for a church trial to remove Bennison as head of the five-county diocese.

However, the attorney for the review committee concluded that "Bishop Bennison committed no offense in these matters" and the committee voted at its May 21 meeting not to issue any indictment. That decision was announced today.

Bennison's lawyer, James A. Pabarue, today hailed the committee's decision, calling it "an important step in the process of vindicating Bishop Bennison and returning him to the service of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.". . .

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