Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reasonable hope

From Captain Yips Secret Journal [boldface mine]:

. . . So the Anglican Communion has at least two big problems - dealing with the North American apostasy, and wresting power away from the Archbishop of Canterbury and redistributing it into more equitable structures. Among the current instruments of the Communion, surely the Primates Meeting and th Lambeth Conference are the most appropriate settings for dealing with the North American matters. Yet ++Rowan has prevented the Primates from taking any action at all, and has gone out of his way to structure this year’s Lambeth so as to take no action whatsoever. The effect of his blockade has been to make the work of North American conservatives all the harder. The long-term reevangelization of American culture will be impeded so long as those who should do that work are fighting merely to survive. A culture of distrust takes root: laity distrust clergy, faithful bishops distrust the Archbishop of Canterbury.

So at this moment, I think that GAFCON should take steps toward two goals to be considered “successful.” (1) Creation of a faithful and unified structure within the Communion to demand and effect institutional reform and (2) recognition of an alternative Anglican structure in North America. GAFCON can’t produce a final product; it can only take the first steps.

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