Thursday, June 19, 2008

San Diego: A culture of self

From today's San Diego Union-Tribune Letters to the Editor page, a letter that perfectly captures what I thought when I saw yesterday's UT front page, complete with carefully selected pictures of same-sex couples getting "married," most with very young children in tow [boldface mine].

The front-page image in Wednesday's Union-Tribune is the saddest I can imagine. Two women holding two babies and getting married. This is truly awful. We can now see where the “tolerance” mindset has led us. It has led us into a moral and ethical wasteland, where moral judgments no longer hold any sway, and where everyone does whatever “is right in their own eyes,” to borrow a biblical passage.

Almost everyone agrees that a traditional two-parent family is the bedrock of society. And yet we have abandoned this for tolerance sake, and to make sure that no one anywhere is ever offended.

This kind of accommodation has led us down a path that is very wrong. It is God's design for children to be raised in an environment where they spend their formative years in the presence of a mother and father serving in their natural roles. This is the environment where the soul and psyche of a person should be developed. Now we are embarking on a grand experiment – with our children as the subjects – and who knows what is going to come out at the other end.

For the state to have allowed same-sex couples to wed is wrong, and to allow them to raise and adopt children is even worse. We have sown to the wind and we are going to reap the whirlwind, I'm afraid.

Normal Heights

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Perpetua said...

Look at this photo from the San Francisco Chronicle. The day after Father's Day and they are being asked to celebrate having two mothers.