Saturday, June 21, 2008

San Diego: Oh, so that's what this was about. . .

Just wondering.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune [boldface mine]:

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego took another step toward the full acceptance of gays with the ordination of its first openly gay deacon.

San Diego Episcopal Bishop James Mathes downplayed the sexual orientation of a newly ordained deacon.

During a month in which thousands of same-sex couples were able to marry in California, Thomas Wilson was ordained to the transitional diaconate by San Diego Bishop James Mathes at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral. Wilson, who moved to San Diego eight years ago with his partner of 20 years, is expected to serve as a deacon for six months to a year before becoming a priest, Mathes said.

Yet the bishop downplayed the significance of Wilson's sexual orientation.

Mathes said he was not aware that a press release had been sent by the diocese with the headline: “Openly Gay, Partnered Deacon Ordained! First One in This Diocese Ever!”

“The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego calls and ordains gifted people,” Mathes said. “That's all this is.”

Wilson, 59, also downplayed the significance of his ordination. . .

So much for the "task force to study holiness in relationships" (resolution 08-09 passed at the February diocesan convention) - those relationships have, by this action, been declared "holy." No more "talking" necessary.

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