Friday, June 06, 2008

Shroud of Turin to go on display

From the BibleBeltBlogger:

Pope Benedict XVI says Shroud of Turin will go on rare public display in 2010

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Shroud of Turin — revered by many Christians as Jesus Christ’s burial cloth — will go on rare public display in 2010, Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday.

The shroud last was shown to the public in 2000, when more than 1 million visitors viewed it in Turin cathedral during a special display for the new millennium Holy Year.

The pope made the announcement at a special audience at the Vatican for 7,000 pilgrims from Turin.

“If the Lord gives me life and health, I, too, hope to attend the display,” said Benedict, who is 81.

The shroud bears an imprint believed by some to be the image of Christ. Kept in Turin’s Roman Catholic cathedral, the strip of linen is about 14 feet long and 3 1/2 yards wide. Believers say the image on the cloth was left by Christ’s body after he was taken off the cross. . .

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