Friday, June 20, 2008

So, what is this about . . . ?

From Julia at (a San Diego blog):

. . . But the big news of the night is that I shook hands and awkwardly small-talked with a man who was just ordained into the Episcopal church last week. I know, a bar full of episcopal priests and seminarians: wild. And also, I want you to know that (to quote this dude), being ordained a priest (or a deacon) is always "significant." This man, though, just happened to be the very first homosexual ordained in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, ever*. And this happened last week. I don't want to be awestruck, because this really shouldn't just be starting to happen here in 2008, but I was nonetheless. I mean, I was just standing there with a piece of history while poking the leftover ice in my glass with the three little straws. . .

. . . * = according to Mike, apparently, years ago, our Not Confrontational At All former Bishop once stepped aside and left the building so that the Definitely Confrontational At All Bishop Spong could fly in from Liberal!Newark! to ordain a gay man from another diocese in our cathedral. I don't think that really counts as being the diocese of San Diego's first; it was just kind of like renting out the building for an out of town wedding or something. But I still love that that happened here. Bishop Spong is a FORCE, man.

Check it out. Now, I'm sure that someone with same-sex attraction has been ordained in San Diego before, so does she mean someone unmarried living in a non-celibate way? Not sure, don't care, but curious.

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SMBTS alum said...

I don't who was ordained as a known homosexual, but the Canon Liturgist Emeritus (Canon of the Cathedral under Not Confrontational At All former Bishop) was openly gay from the pulpit there in Hillcrest.

I heard him give a sermon 16 years ago in the cathedral about how he came out to his parents and they had to get over their problem with his lifestyle -- it wasn't his problem.