Friday, July 18, 2008

And the CoE morphs into TEC. . .

Wow! Sound familiar?

From Damian Thompson at the Telegraph (U.K.) [boldface mine]:

Bishop accuses liberals of planning to 'steal churches'

The Church of England's leading traditionalist bishop has accused liberal Anglicans of planning to steal parish churches and schools from opponents of women bishops.

The Rt Rev John Broadhurst, Bishop of Fulham and chairman of Forward in Faith, said today that any attempt to wrest control of buildings from Anglo-Catholics would be "institutionalised theft". Many of the churches came either from the pre-Reformation Catholic Church or were founded by Anglo-Catholics, he added.

His extraordinary statement will further raise the temperature at a Lambeth Conference many of whose participants are already boiling with rage. Here are the key quotes:
"It is quite apparent that we are being subjected to what I would call institutional bullying of a kind that if it were found in the commercial world would be the subject of serious litigation. The atmosphere and the approach of some of those opposed to us reveals that not only are they not very good Christians; they are also not nice human beings.

"The other thing that strikes me quite hard is that most of the assets of the Church of England in terms of buildings, schools and other property either come from the pre-Reformation Catholic Church or as a direct result of the Tractarian and Catholic Revival. This property is very much our heritage and inheritance and to suggest that many wish to steal it from us in a very unpleasant form of legalised theft would not be an understatement. I know that many people will be looking at the legal implications lying behind both these matters.". . .

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