Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another broken record: ++KJS on upcoming Lambeth *Update*

Update: Check out TitusOneNine and their speadsheet on the ratio in the Anglican Communion of members to bishops, per province. Pretty amazing!

Original: From EpiscopalLife Online, an interview with the Presiding Bishop in anticipation of Lambeth. Why do I think I have heard all of this before, over and over again? [boldface mine]

ENS: You addressed the topic of the Lambeth Conference in a webcast on May 20. At that time you called the Lambeth Conference an opportunity for bishops throughout the Anglican Communion to meet each other, that "we encounter each other as human beings working in vastly different contexts around the globe and that we build relationships." Do you maintain that view of the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: Yes.

ENS: What do you see as the heart of the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: Conversation, spending time together, and beginning to learn something about each others' contexts.

ENS: Do you think the GAFCON statement will have an impact on the workings of the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: No, not unless a significant number of those in attendance in Jerusalem do come to the Lambeth Conference.

ENS: What would you say to the primates and bishops who have announced they are boycotting, or refusing to come, to the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: I would say that "we'll miss you," because all benefit from many voices at gatherings like the Lambeth Conference.

ENS: What message do you plan to bring to the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: That the mission of God is far larger than anything we disagree about. . .

ENS: What kind of presence will the Episcopal Church have at the Lambeth Conference?

KJS: The bishops of the Episcopal Church will represent about one-quarter of all bishops in attendance. One of our tasks is not to overwhelm the gathering just by our sheer numbers. . .

Just think about that for a minute - one of the smallest provinces, yet ECUSA will represent about a quarter of all bishops. Wow!

Read it all.

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