Thursday, July 24, 2008

Archbishop Drexel Gomez on ECUSA

From Jim Naughton at The Lead at the Episcopal Cafe:

Some of the blogging bishops whom the Café is following have written about yesterday’s hearings on the “impressions” handed out by the Windsor Continuation Group. A few things I haven’t heard said:. . .
Bishop John Chane questioned whether the Primates had claimed too much power in the current controversy. He was followed to the microphone by Archbishop Drexel Gomez of the West Indies, the primate who chairs the Covenant Design group. Gomez blamed the continuing crisis on the Episcopal Church for not assenting to the creation of a church within a church, led by the so-called Windsor bishops. This recommendation, which called upon the Episcopal Church to surrender some of its authority to a panel of foreign primates was made by the Primates. However, according to Gomez, a Primate, it was not an indication that the Primates, whose authority extends only to the borders of their own provinces, were exercising undue influence.

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