Thursday, July 24, 2008

Archbishop Peter Akinola must serve full term

From George Conger:

The Nigerian House of Bishops has declined to accept Archbishop Peter Akinola’ request to retire in January when he turns 65, asking that he complete his full ten year term through the end of 2010.

Elected Primate of the largest province of the Anglican Communion in 2000 following the retirement of Archbishop Abiodun Adetiloye, Archbishop Akinola has emerged as a figure of consequence and controversy within the Anglican Communion.

Pilloried by the left in the US and UK, Archbishop Akinola has been demonized for his stance on the morality of homosexual conduct and his call for the reform of the Anglican Communion. Speaking in heavily accented African-English, Archbishop Akinola is a times misunderstood by the Western media. . .

In a statement released on July 14 by the Church of Nigerian News, the Provincial Dean, Archbishop Maxwell Anikwenwa said the bishops had vetoed the retirement request as a consequence of the the decisions taken at the Gafcon meeting to establish a primates council to oversee the renewal of the Anglican Communion. . .

While he may serve only a single ten year term as primate, Archbishop Akinola may continue in office as Bishop of Abuja until he turns 70 years of age in 2014, when he must retire under Nigerian canon law.

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