Saturday, July 12, 2008

Attend last Lambeth for only $20 **Sticky** and *UPDATE*

Update: From Kevin:

AnglicanTV is going to Lambeth: As of 8:00am this morning we have received enough funds to attend the final 10 days of the Last Lambeth. I am so humbled by your sacrificial giving and I know that "Thank You" falls far short of how grateful I truly am.

Hey, I think we should still contribute to make sure he has everything he needs, if not for Lambeth, then for the next Anglican get-together!

Original: From Kevin at AnglicanTV:
Yes, it is a gimmick to raise the last couple of hundred dollars. I have have bought the plane tickets, booked the hotel, rented a wireless 3g modem for my laptop, and really could use the remaining chip-in monies. Please consider giving $10 or $20 so YOU can attend the Last Lambeth.

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