Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BabyBlue comments on the CofE timing

From BabyBlueOnline (I'm copying here from her comments section, not her post) [boldface mine]:

1. Before we start issuing ultimatums, we must remember who our friends are and who our adversaries are, lest we shoot each other in the back.

Remember, the timing of this vote is strategic, okay?

2. It’s not about gender but about behavior. Like Mary, the sister of Martha, sitting at Jesus’ feet in the position reserved for the male disciple or student, or like Mary coming to Jesus and anointing him with the Jar of perfume before He went to the cross (and she was ridiculed by the male disciples for this priestly and what they thought wasteful act until Jesus publicly and firmly admonished them and lifted Mary to position of authority) - being a woman disciple is not a sin. We are the priesthood of all believers. We recognize however that we have different traditions of expressing our faith, we understand that the nature of the priesthood has different biblical expressions - but they are biblical. In no way do we bless sinful behavior. It not a sin to behave as a woman when one is a woman. What is in question is the role of women, not that her gender is sinful.

What we are dealing with on the frontlines, and what I believe the timing of this action in England is seeking to deflect, is immoral behavior now being officially blessed by the Church as suddenly holy. Progressives want to equate the ministry of women with blessing immoral behavior and this is not a secret that the timing of this vote comes just before the Lambeth Conference. It’s planned that way. This is a political action, not a theological one and we should respond politically not theologically. . .

3. [The progressives] seek to equalify what they call “full inclusion” with the suffrage of women. But that is a misnomer and that’s why we should be on our guard when we engage in the fascinating discussion of the ministry of women. Civil rights has to do with the equality of those of different races, suffrage has to do with the equality of women - but full inclusion has to do with blessing and making holy what the scriptures are clear to teach is sinful. Yet, the progressives seek to include in their banner of “full inclusion” civil rights and suffrage and that is a trick. . .

I think the theological differences are quite clear among biblically minded orthodox Christians. We are discussing theology and polity. But to the Western progressives (in Canada, the USA, and yes Bishop Wright, in the Church of England) the trick is to blur the lines so much that the coalition of the evangelicals who support the priesthood of all believers position (for a shorthand - this is just shorthand) and the traditionalists who hold to a catholic (small c) view of Holy Orders (again a shorthand) split amongst themselves.

It appears GAFCON recognized this ruse and navigated around it. As important as these questions are, and they are, they pale in comparison to what we are facing on a global scale with the infusing in our Christian faith of Western innovations regarding sexual behavior. We should not fall for the ruse - especially one like this that is so obviously timed to draw attention away from the presenting issue, especially as Lambeth fast approaches.

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