Thursday, July 17, 2008

Billy Ockham: Press release 6/18/2058

Now, rivaling the Onion, our own Anglican wordsmith:

(ENS)The Episcopal Church will celebrate one of our unique Saints Days today. The Feast Day that marks the martyrdom of Saint Gene is commemorated every year on June 17th. On this day in 2008, the saint was cruelly snubbed by the entire Anglican Communion in Lambeth England.

For the first time in six years all five Episcopalians are expected to gather at the church's meeting room at 815 Second Ave (Just enter past the Masjid and take the elevator to the sub basement. The meeting room is between the Unitarian/Universalist headquarters and the New Original Drifters office. It should be clearly marked).

Presiding Bishop Fox, after being revived, said "It's gonna be really swell.". . .


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Hening said...

I had waited for Lambeth thinking seriously that it would provide a solution. Instead, it provides some really good humor, which is also needed.

I am trying to discover compassion for St. Gene, since I can't imagine what it must be like to live with yourself after causing so much misery in Christ's church. I keep thinking that he, like so many others that are in control of TEC, live in a bubble, and get their encouragement from other like minded people that wish to banish Christ to the outer periphery in order to get on with their own central core issues, like being a male June bride. Of course that attitude lacks compassion, so instead I will pray that God will continue to use all of this to His greater glory.