Monday, July 14, 2008

Bishop Howe leaves Anglican Communion Network

From Dean Rick Lobs, Interim Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Vero Beach, Florida:

Saying that he wants to stay in The Episcopal Church and in full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Bishop of Central Florida, the Rt. Rev. John W. Howe has dropped his support of the Anglican Communion Network led by Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan and thrown in his lot with the Anglican Communion Institute, (ACI) a group that wants to stay and fight for change in The Episcopal Church.

The bishop announced this change in the July 2008 "Central Florida Episcopalian", which caught a number of conservatives in the diocese by surprise. "We didn't see it coming," said one evangelical priest who asked not to be named.

In his letter to the diocesan family, Howe said, "In my opinion, the Anglican Communion Institute has inherited the original vision of the Network: to work to promote orthodoxy within The Episcopal Church, and to maintain our relationships with the broader Anglican Communion."

Howe has grown increasingly disenchanted with the direction of the Network over the years and said, "The Network is now made up of far more people who have left The Episcopal Church than those who remain inside it. Scores of parishes have experienced the same kinds of splits and 'disaffiliation' of some of their clergy and parishioners that we have experienced here.". . .

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H/t to The Lead at the Episcopal Cafe.

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