Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bishop Okorocha of Nigeria Redux

From Cherie Wetzel at Anglicans United [boldface mine]:

. . . We learned at Press Briefing this morning that the conference would not confirm the attendance of any person. They won’t even confirm the numbers of bishops here or the spouses. I have tried to find my bishop, the Rt. Rev. James Stanton, and they will not tell me where he is staying. Today I requested a media interview with him to try and find him. Lets just say that the press is not impressed with the attitude and level of candidness given by the Anglican Communion press office.

This was an issue because the one Nigerian bishop who was in attendance at Lambeth – yes, he defied Abp. Peter’s order and came – left yesterday after his wife received death threats at home. The Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha of Owerri was staying in Surrey with Canon Jeremy Cresswell. He came specifically, “To plead with the Communion to protest the liberalization of the western Church, particularly the provinces in America and Canada”, according to a press release by Victoria Combe, The Tablet, this morning.

The release of the Sudanese statement yesterday in opposition to the promotion of homosexuality and refusal to abide by the Bible has caused a ripple in this pressroom. The Archbishop of the Sudan is meeting with press this afternoon in a “non-scheduled” meeting. I will be there! All of this and it is only noon. Things are definitely picking up here.

Read it all. The situation with Bishop Okorocha of Nigeria is very confusing. Ruth Gledhill had him registered but never arriving, David Virtue had him never registered, and now Cherie Wetzel has him registered and arrived, but now left. So which is it?

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