Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lambeth daily account for July 20, 2008, by Bishop James Mathes, San Diego, and Bishop Gordon Scruton, Western Massachusetts

From epiScope:

Today the morning dawned with the welcoming Eucharist, attended by Anglican bishops assembled for the Lambeth Conference, their spouses, Ecumenical participants, and others.

It was an amazing experience to be worshipping as a bishop in Canterbury Cathedral where some of the first seeds of Christianity were planted in England. The worship experience was deeper because we were in a familiar place, as we have prayed there in retreat for two days.

Sharing the Eucharist this morning was what it means to be in communion – we worshipped, we broke bread and we had communion. We were the Anglican Communion worshipping with Christ with our Ecumenical partners in community.

The Archbishop of Canterbury presided at the Eucharist. The sermon was presented by the Rt. Rev. Duleep de Chickera, the Bishop of Colombo (Sri Lanka).

His imagery of brokenness of the world and brokenness of the church was an apt place for us to begin to think about mission. He harkened back to the retreat and our need for self-examination, to be built upon. He took us into what is means to be a church where everyone is welcomed, but we also need to be a prophetic church, which is often a redundant church. . .

I'm not sure what that last statment means: "we also need to be a prophetic church, which is often a redundant church" - guess I'll have to see if the archbishop's sermon is online anywhere to made sense of this.

Read it all.

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