Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prayer needed for Jennifer Leber's hospitalization (Uganda)

Jennifer Leber in Uganda
Well, all I can say is God works in mysterious ways. Just yesterday, I posted this on the mission work of Phil and Jennifer Leber (whom I had never heard of before I saw their website and learned of their work in Uganda), only today to have this arrive in my email:

Prayer Needed for Jennifer Leber's Hospitalization

Just got this today.

Jennifer is one of our missionaries and has been the "right hand" person for Mama Phoebe while she is in the states. Please hold Jennifer before our Lord for complete healing.

Phil and Jennifer Leber <> wrote:
Prayer for Jennifer

July, 2008

Jennifer was admitted to Nairobi Hospital early last week with a serious pulmonary infection. The initial x-ray was so clouded with infection that it hid the specific culprit for some days. With a follow-up x-ray, the doctor realized she has pneumonia in the lower left lobe and will in the hospital probably until Tuesday. She has been on intravenous antibiotics, steroids and oxygen, and only now does the combination seem to be working. She was receiving 80mg intravenous steroids and several intravenous antibiotics, as well as supplemental oxygen. Her white blood cell count was 23,000 when admitted (7,000 is normal).

Today, she is doing better. Her white blood cell count is down to 11,000 and her blood oxygen content is up to 90% from a low of 79% late last week. Please pray for her full recovery and for God to give the doctor wisdom in her treatment. Needless to say this has been a week of grief and emotional exhaustion.

So, please, prayers for Jennifer, Phil, her doctors, and those she has touched with her work in Uganda.

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