Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reappraising San Diego reaction to GAFCON

Posted on Susan Russell's blog (I don't see a link to anything, so I'm not sure where this originated), a comment from the Rev. Michael Russell, All Souls' Episcopal Church, Point Loma (San Diego) [boldface mine]:

The number of Primates openly supporting this movement has gone down since 2006 not up. Within Gafcon itself there is a move to redirect leadership from ++Akinola to ++Jensen.

The number of American Dioceses active in the movement has dwindled and even the Windsor Compliant Bishops are now prepared to cut the jurisdiction jumpers out of the equation to raise their own influence.

There is no occasion since the fully public inception of this movement of them actually getting anything they wanted. Neither TEC nor the C of Canada have been sanctioned or side streamed, and the reasserters have not been proclaimed as the true Anglican presence by anyone with any actual authority to do that.

The promises made to parishioners that they would soon be the acknowledged by the Archbishop of Canterbury as the true presence has not and will not happen.

The Jerusalem Declaration has pinned its future to an arcane formulation of "authorities" that most Anglican provinces worldwide are not going to endorse: specifically the 39 Articles and the 1662 BCP as standards of the faith.

Nor will most of the Anglican provinces endorse their peculiar formulations and doctrine of Scripture as found in the Document.

So after a dozen years of planning and six years of bullying and threats, this movement has a smaller affiliation circle and less influence than five years ago.

And their position on the Archbishop of Canterbury will further reduce that.

Despite their assertions that they will not leave, they have simply defected in place and will now just function as an out of control irritant.


Matthew said...

First, I thought numbers didn't matter.

Second, the primates involve represent the vast majority of active Anglicans.

Third, the turn out at GAFCON was fairly large, which was impressive given that the majority of those that attended were emphatically not well to do. Going to GAFCON entailed significant cost for the attendees, by and large.

Fourth and lastly, what about the substance of what was said and done there?

Anne Coletta said...

I am still amazed that given the short notice, so many were able to get to GAFCON and the logistics were in place to handle such a large crowd. Usually, a conference of this number would be a year or two in the planning. God is good!

sandiegoanglicans.com said...

Clearly, and rightly, they're worried. I posted my thoughts on this piece here.