Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Retraction on Bishop Cyril Okorocha, Owerii, Nigeria

From Cherie Wetzel at Anglicans United:

The Rev. Dr. Chris Sugden of Anglican-Mainstream has confirmed for our group through contact with Canon Jeremy Cresswell, that Bishop Cyril Okorocha, diocese of Owerii, Nigeria, has not been in Surrey and did not confirm that he was coming to the Lambeth Conference.

Also false are the rumors that his wife was threatened at home in Nigeria and he returned home to protect her.

Anglicans United regrets the report of this rumor and hopes that Bisop Okorocha will not be damaged by my incorrect statement.

The Lambeth Conference office continues to insist that they have received a fax from a Nigerian bishop who is in Surrey and intends to attend this conference. They have failed to provide any proof to substantiate this claim and said bishop has not come to Canterbury as of today.

It appears to me to be an intentional statement by the Communion office to insist that every Province is represented here after all. To clarify, there are no bishops here from Uganda or Nigeria.

Check it out. And check here for a history of this confusing story.

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