Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sarah and Matt's excellent adventure, day 1

They made it! Sarah Hey and Matt Kennedy are at Lambeth, duly credentialed and read to go (once they recover from jet lag).

Matt writes:

. . . I reintroduced myself to a orthodox bishop from the Episcopal Church I met in Jerusalem. I asked how things were going. He shook his head and said that the Americans were being "obnoxious" and unbearable, trying to run the show. I asked whether there'd been any resistance. "Oh yes" he said, "people are not taking it lying down". There is a lot going on "behind the scenes" he said. I don't know whether he meant that there is resistance from within the group of American bishops or resistance from without. Looking back on it, I think he mean eternal resistance because he went on to speak admiringly of the Sudanese statement released yesterday. . .

Read it all.

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