Saturday, July 05, 2008

The scapegoating of the Archbishop of Canterbury

From the Rev. Richard Kew at the Kew Continuum:

. . . For saying something like this I have been roundly accused of being soft, of having lost my theological bearings, of compromising biblical truth, and so forth. Although this is untrue, people have the right to their own perceptions, but nothing could be further from the reality. It is because I am committed to biblical truth that I say what I do. Rowan Williams should not be blamed in the way he is, we should all take upon ourselves the responsibility for the chaos and the seemingly endless stand-offs that just lead to a downward spiral. The Archbishop can surely be criticized for some of what has happened, but then so can everyone from the Primates and bishops down to you and me. . .

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Tregonsee said...

It is certainly true that much of the cause of the Current Unpleasantness predates ++Rowan, often by decades. However, he has been AWOL from his post for years. When he writes his memoirs, they should perhaps be called "Sleepwalking While Canterbury Burns." He has been totally unwilling or unable to provide leadership, and has actively undercut those who tried to fill the vacuum. So yes, there is much to criticize, and with validity.