Monday, July 28, 2008

The secret of Anglicanism

From Damian Thompson at the Telegraph:

If nothing else, Lambeth has produced the authoritative definition of modern Anglicanism. It comes from the Rt Rev David Rossdale, Bishop of Grimsby – in a Faithbook blog post, I'm proud to report.

"We have been a Church which has been held together by belief, as contained in the historic creeds, and not by agreeing to particular statements about that faith."


Read it all (and discuss).


Perpetua said...

Is there a word for the opposite of a truism? A false-ism?
Clearly the historic creeds are statements about faith. Can it be that he doesn't realize this?

Anne Coletta said...

Perpetua - I know there must be a philosophical/logical argument term for what Bishop Rossdale's statement is, but I can't think of it now. (It's not a "tautology," it's not an "oxymoron" - but it's something!) You just want to ask "Belief in what?" if there is no agreement on particular statements about that faith. Pretty shallow if you ask me.

young joe from old oc said...

Damian Thompson is an eternal pessimist about Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion (who can blame him?). He loves these kinds of incongruous nutshell statements that really offer nothing, but from his perspective, therefore, tell the whole sorry tale.

Nevertheless, this is a late modern perspective that does carry some weight among the moderate (traditional liberal) to progressivist crowd within Anglicanism. It's origin is in the efforts of the TEC feminist/post-modernist hierarchy to slowly, stealthily rewrite Christian history, tradition, and doctrine while all along it promises the moderately conservative lay folk that it is simply re-applying the Anglican tradition to new truly democratic social circumstances and an ever more enlightened understanding of the human condition.

It is tragic that a well-respected English bishop can't do any better. But the fact is that he shares the same ideological commitment and vision of progressivist episcopalians, and that ideology tends to push out all self-analysis and circumspect thought.