Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shoe Thursday: Indaba edition

God is Good. All the Time.

Just when I realized I had no idea for any shoe posting (and I haven't done one in a while), just when I was bored with summer shoes (after a while, most sandals start looking alike), just when I had finished searching for English shoes to do something on Lambeth (but could find nothing particularly different or interesting), The Manolo comes through for me once again:

Dear Manolo,

I’ve noticed that this summer there’s a real trend for ethnic themed shoes, mostly African motifs, but some also some Native American and Latin elements. Can you recommend something that’s in keeping with this trend but will still look good when it’s over?


Manolo says, the Manolo loves the current incarnation of the periodic mania for the ethnic themed clothing. This time around, the trend has been expressed in luxurious and mostly subtle ways, with beautiful shoes that feature snakeskin and feathers in African patterns, and sandals with native American leather fringes.

Of course, as always, one must be careful when adopting ethnic motifs for use in personal styling. The danger is that you may go too far and become the caricature.

Indeed, one minute you are admiring the leathery fringes on the high street shoe, and the next you are dressing head-to-toe in buckskin and trade beads, and calling yourself Kicking Horse Woman.

However, for the hot semi-ethnic sandals, the Manolo has been especially impressed this year by the Sigerson Morrison, who have produced the stunning series of shoes, flats and heels, with the woven black-and-white pattern.

Here is the wedge heel version which will satisfy your demands for tendy ethnicity and yet survive the season’s inevitable demise.

Sigerson Morrison 7953

I think we should all pitch in and get Sarah Hey, BabyBlue, and Ruth Gledhill each a pair (I'm not sure about Riazat Butt since I've just started reading her, but . . . maybe). They're just $549US - which should make them about ₤2 (so maybe Ruth and Riazat can buy their own).

What do you think? Huuuummmm. . .?

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