Monday, July 28, 2008

Windsor Continuation Group: Captain Yips is not impressed

From Captain Yips Secret Journal:

. . . Waiting . . .

Update: It's out, and it doesn't sizzle, it fizzles. It goes further down the road of making border crossing the equivalent of the EO's LGBT obsessions, and it seems (at first reading) to intend to subject small church plants like mine, a community never part of the EO at all, to either some remote new commission, or eventually to the Diocese of Chicago. That won't fly barring a complete change of heart here. Granting the EO an inviolable and exclusive Anglican Franchise is a sure way to prevent reform. This won't work, and they know it won't work. More later, probably.

Read it all, and you can check out the Windsor Continuation Group report part 3 here.

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