Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And for another take on the Pelosi story: Kathy Shaidle

From Kathy Shaidle at five feet of fury:

The reason the MSM (and ordinary people) are ignorning the "Bishops smack down Nancy Pelosi on abortion" story is:

a) they are, as you [Hugh Hewitt] said on air, notoriously tone deaf about religious issues,

b) they agree with Pelosi on abortion anyhow; but most importantly:

c) they find it rich -- as I do -- that cardinals and archibishops can manage to shift themselves so rapidly when the issue is abortion, but kept their mouths shut for twenty years when children were being molested by their brethren.

The American Catholic hierarchy has NO moral authority now and may never recover it.

Pelosi is wrong and you and the cardinals are right.

It. Doesn't. Matter.

No one takes the American Catholic hierarchy seriously any longer, given their abdication of authority over the greatest in-house controversy in its history. . .

Check it out.


Perpetua said...

If the RC bishops start taking action, i.e., denying communion to Pelosi when she comes to church, then people will start paying attention. Otherwise it is all just more words.

Georgia said...

Even if BOTH the Bishops and Pelosi have lost their moral credibility, that still doesn't make abortion less than vilest evil in all its macabre manifestations. Abortion is still the mutilation and killing of helpless human beings.

Anne Coletta said...

I agree, Georgia, it's just a shame that because of their lack of action in one area, the Roman Catholic bishops leave themselves open to this criticism when they do speak up.

Perpetua said...

Well the good news is that the MSM has now picked up on this story big time. Get Religion has done two stories covering the MSM coverage. See here and here.

Hening said...

Satan's tactic is to draw someone into sin and then point the weight of that abuse against God into the spotlight. It would appear that for the sins of homosexual priests molesting boys that the entire Catholic church needs to become neutered when it comes to teaching the truth of Christ and salvation. How perfectly satanic in design.

I left the Catholic church (big 'C') in order to join the church with the little 'c', and before the wide-spread sex scandal broke in the MSM. Of course people knew prior to finding out the depth of this defect in the Church that this was going on with boys, girls, other gay priests and even grown women. What wasn't realized was how ineffective church leadership had been.

Now that I'm reformed and a member of TEC for over ten years, this same leadership issue appears at the top of the list and in the same spotlight. It all comes down to leaders not being willing to act on the needs of the majority in order to satisfy the needs of a minority that opposes God.

Nancy Pelosi, the Presiding Bishop of TEC and the Catholic bishops mistake compassion for sin for hope towards the sinner. They all need to get their collective selves booted out of a position of authority related to Christ's church, and get replacements that are willing to tell the truth about the lost opportunity of salvation and the deadly the act of sin.