Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Interview with Georgette Forney: Lambeth, GAFCON, Bishops & The Great Divide

From Sarah Hey at Stand Firm:

Yesterday while at the Marketplace I went by the Anglicans For Life booth. Unlike many of the bishops I have spoken with -- and as you will hear from the interview -- Georgette was on a high, having had a very successful two-week stint at the Marketplace. The comparison between meeting the many allies around the world at the Lambeth Conference and, oh, say, The Episcopal Church's General Convention is indeed stark.

Listen to the audio to hear more about the successes of her work at the Marketplace, as well as her analysis of the Anglican Communion as seen through the eyes of a pro-life warrior.

Check it out!


Perpetua said...

I am sorry to post this off topic, Anne, but I have been wondering how your family's discernment journey is going. Are you still shopping for a denomination, church, etc?

Judith L said...

This is a wonderful conversation between two heroines of the Faith. I believe that the affirmation of the gift of life is one of those basic, uniting causes the will continue bring the entire diaspora of Anglicans together and will also serve to strengthen ecumenical relationships. It is a major divider between those whose reference point is the spirit of the age and those who look to The Blessed Trinity and biblical truth for guidance.

Anne Coletta said...

Hi Perpetua -

Yes, we are still in discernment, but moving forward bit by bit. I plan to post something on this soon, but feel the need to take a little more time. Thanks for checking!