Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bishop Gene Robinson breaks ranks and backs Barack Obama for president **Corrected**

Correction: I took the headline from George Conger's blog and didn't notice that Barack Obama's first name is spelled wrong there [Barak], so I've corrected it above.

Original: "Separation of church and state" for thee, but not for me.

From George Conger [boldface mine]:

The Bishop of New Hampshire has broken with tradition and endorsed a candidate for political office. In a letter published on “LGBT for Obama,” a website that states it serves as the “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community’s online campaign to educate voters on John McCain’s anti-gay policies” Bishop Gene Robinson called on all LGBT voters to “put our differences and disappointments aside, and get behind the one candidate who has our interests at heart.”

On Sept 4 Bishop Robinson wrote LGBT voters were “faced with the most stark choice in recent memory, with ramifications for our community like no other. If nothing else convinces you to vote for Barack Obama, surely the likelihood of the next president appointing one, two, or possibly even three Supreme Court justices should do it.”. . .

Bishop Robinson said that the election of John McCain would lead to the packing of the US Supreme Court with justices that would rule against the recognition of gay marriages. “With Barack Obama, we have someone who is utterly sympathetic to our full and equal rights as citizens.”

He added that while Senator Obama “won’t say he’s for equal marriage rights” Bishop Robinson knew from his “own private conversations with him that he is totally in our court. I believe him, and I trust him, not to throw us under the bus when the election is over.”

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Hening said...

The candidate who has the backing of Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas, now gets the nod from Gene Robinson. How could anyone be surprised? Gene Robinson uses his authority as a vicar of Christ to promote sin. I can't imagine him voting for the likes of McCain or Palin since these are people that actually defer to God when it comes to kingship in their lives. As God is allergic to sin, the opposite is true of someone like Robinson, who lives in a distorted fog both physically and spiritually. The perfect bishop in the eyes of his earthly lord Shori, and his spiritual director, Satan.

When do we see Obama's face on the official Episcopal website?

Kevin said...

There's a potentially more serious issue with this: that of a church official (and a senior one at that) using his office to support a political cause. As the Conger blog correctly describes, it is a violation of the federal tax code.

The IRS has historically been very effective in removing the tax-exempt status of churches that are found in violation. Perhaps someone should alert our federal friends to this issue? If Bp. Robinson proves to have been playing in a sandbox that he doesn't belong, shouldn't TEC discipline him?

JamesW said...

Henning: Come on now, get with the new thing. The writers of the Bible were simply writing about God as they understood God in their limited, bigoted cultural context.

Liberal Episcopalians of today are much more unlightened and today perceive the true Messiah. He that will stop the oceans from rising, who will stop the erroneously born children from living, and who will force gay marriage on to the United States. Jesus Christ is passe. The new Episcopal Messiah is surely Barrack Obama.

Hening said...

Jamesw, I am making the sign of the "O".

Kevin, we had a pro-life group at our church and asked the pastor if we could have a speaker come give a presentation explaining the procedure called partial birth abortion. The speaker was a state assembly person, and the pastor was insistent that no politician could come and speak or lecture about anything in the church. The main concern was the tax exempt status. My experience with this has included seeing liberal causes being allowed to take root where conservative views are too confrontational. A TEC church a few towns over displays the rainbow flag from their front portal, which in my opinion is a political statement as much as an anti-biblical one.