Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Presiding Bishop removes MacBurney's inhibition after retired bishop apologizes

From EpiscopalLife Online [boldface mine]:

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has removed the inhibition she placed in April on retired Episcopal Diocese of Quincy Bishop Edward MacBurney.

In a September 9 order, Jefferts Schori said that MacBurney had voluntarily submitted to discipline (Canon IV.2(9) and (10)) over a presentment which the Title IV Review Committee issued on Jan. 24, 2008.

Diocese of San Diego Bishop Jim Mathes, who originally asked for MacBurney to be disciplined because he conducted unauthorized confirmations in San Diego, told ENS September 10 that the order and discipline of the church had been "maintained and in some way enhanced by this process."

"Bishop MacBurney's decision is the result of my efforts and those of others to find a non-judicial outcome to an unfortunate event," Mathes said September 10 in his weekly email to diocesan clergy. "Today, the order of our church and the collegiality of the House of Bishops have been enhanced."

The process "held a bishop of the church accountable to his colleagues and this was a good thing," Mathes told ENS.

"I grateful to Bishop MacBurney for his role in this," Mathes said, explaining that MacBurney's willingness to apologize for his actions "provided us a way to provide forgiveness."

Jefferts Schori's September 9 order admonishes MacBurney to not make any other such visits and to apologize in writing to Mathes "for not respecting his authority as Bishop of that Diocese.". . .

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Hening said...

Schori loves to bully, and her brown shirts waste no time turning a phrase like "maintained and in some way enhanced by this process" or "provided us a way to provide forgiveness".

Nazi style humor at its finest.

"Forgiveness by Schori makes us free" Schori 2:5

Sieg Heil!

Kevin said...

This is very encouraging. Since church discipline has been enforced, one can only assume that other infractions will be similarly punished.

There is a recent blog posting that catalogued a list of infractions carried out within TEC.

I look forward to vigorous follow-up to these and other blasphemous actions carried out against His Holy name. Or I can just go somewhere else that is more faithful to the Word. Oh wait, I did that already......

BabyBlue said...

Has anyone seen a statement from Bishop MacBurney? Remember how the Bishop of San Diego said at Lambeth that the Archbishop of the Cone had also apologized? Only to discover that it was not exactly correct, but meant to embarrass Gregory Venables. Now Canada is also following in the same footsteps (have written about that at - very odd.


Anne Coletta said...

babyblue - there is now a story in the Living Church that adds more info - seems to be the real deal. said...

'Spoke at length w/ Bishop Macburney in June. Somethin' aint quite right here.

Kevin said...

Surf over to the Virtue Online site. They report on an interesting telephone conversation with MacBurney.

He also makes the point that I made in a previous comment, about how some are penalized, and some not. Perhaps not a coincidence?

"MacBurney said he was relieved to have the inhibition lifted because he is now able to take services in a couple of churches in October. "It hasn't impressed me. The legal situation in TEC is very bumpy and uneven with some bishops being penalized and others not.""