Thursday, September 25, 2008

Uncommon Knowledge: Interview with Archbishop Chaput

Check out Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson to see his 5-part interview with Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, author of Render Unto Caesar (a book well worth reading)!

H/t to Judith L.


Adam said...


I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Uncommon Knowledge. Thanks for blogging about it. I work with the show to help get the word out online both by contacting bloggers and by blogging about the show. You can find the show’s blog over at

If you ever have any thoughts about a particular episode, we’d love to post them (or cross post them if they’re already on your blog) on The Uncommon Knowledge Blog. You’d be named as a guest blogger and we’d link back to your blog.

Email me with any posts, either now or in the future, at adam {dot} uncknowledge {at} gmail {dot} com.

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Anne Coletta said...

Thanks, Adam!

Judith L said...

I cannot recommend Archbishop Chaput's book, Render Unto Caesar highly enough. Every Christian should read it and digest it before November 4.