Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TEC loses another one

From Hening in the comments below [boldface mine]:

This past weekend I made the decision to tender my resignation in TEC. This means giving up the opportunity of being ordained along with losing contact with those that I have had the honor of teaching and loving within the Spirit of God.

The flaunting of the gay lifestyle is something that has become part of everyday life in New England. Having a post-op trans-gendered person attending church functions and confusing the young children is shapes of things to come with new deacons and priests. Even though that is all out of place and outside of the community Paul preached about, it was the promotion of genocide that finally tore me away from my church.

I will either wind up in an African parish with hopes to continue towards the priesthood or an Antiochan Orthodox parish, where my wife would like to attend. My last official act after turning in the church keys, the website password, ending Taize worship bulletins, finishing my vestry tenure and saying farewell to my charges in youth ministry is to write a letter of resignation to the bishop, and pray that it might actually express the horror of what TEC has become in a short time.


robroy said...

"The flaunting of the gay lifestyle is something that has become part of everyday life in New England. "

We have this about the new rector of a church in Atlantic City:

"...She lives in Galloway with her two children and partner Kristin Krieger, an ordained deacon."

Youth director and adviser to Canterbury house!

Hening said...


The fact that two 'ordained' people are having homosexual relations in the same home, living with children and serve the same congregation sets an example that Paul didn't even dream of covering in his letters.

I guess they couldn't find a local pedophile to run the youth house and had to settle for this arrangement as an example for Christian youth.

Church management gone wild.