Monday, August 18, 2008

Holy Trinity Austin now Christ Church Anglican

And they walked away from the property:

Christ Church

A new Anglican church is “re-born” in the city of Austin
We are now meeting as Christ Church.

Same pastor, same staff, same body of Christ with a new name.

Christ Church is a community that is liturgical, evangelical, historic and contemporary at the same time; making disciples of Jesus with a heart for the lost and for justice in the city of Austin and around the world.

Come worship with us Sundays at 10:30 a.m.
at the Senior Activity Center on the southeast corner of 29th & Lamar.

And under "Who We Are":

Our Vision

Our vision is best described in three phrases: ancient-future worship, missional community and empowered evangelicals. What does that mean?It means that worship is central to who we are as God’s people. We were made to worship the Triune God. "Ancient-future worship” means recognizing the power and richness of our past, with its time-tested prayers and sacramental view of the world, on the one hand. Christ Church stands in the stream of the "Great Tradition" of God's people through the centuries. On the other hand, it means celebrating the creative explosion of contemporary worship and responding to what God is doing in the world now in music and the arts.

How about "missional community"? Christ Church called to live in community. There is no such thing as solitary Christianity. In community we grow; we are challenged and comforted; we help each other along, learn how to forgive, listen to each other's unique insights. But not only that; community is also outward. We are a community for others. We are a missional community, inviting others (locally and globally) into the grace of God and reaching out with compassion to those on the margins of society.

And "empowered evangelicalism" . . . what's that? Evangelical means that Christ Church upholds the authority of the Scriptures, teaches the Bible and proclaims its message boldly, calling people to come and follow Jesus Christ. We also seek to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, empowered and gifted, responsive to His voice, believing that He can break into our "natural" world to speak, heal and guide us.

Our Mission

To make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming and teaching His Word, the Scriptures, nurturing and supporting His community of faith, and worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth. . .

We are an affiliate parish of the American Anglican Council

Our Staff
Cliff Warner, Rector

H/t to Stand Firm.

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Iwasthere said...

Well they didn't really "walk away from the property." They had already moved the church community out of the building months before and announced that the whole community was moving to the new location weeks before they announced any realignment. And they had already established the bank account and redirected the funds needed to transition before telling anyone they were even considering a realignment. So before any action or even a chance for discussion, they first ensured that they left with the people, rent agreements, bank account and anything else needed to start a church. A step toward orthodoxy but hardly a step in faith or with grace toward others.