Saturday, August 23, 2008

A list

From Jill Woodliff, commenting at Stand Firm, a concise (and depressing) list of actions and events in which ECUSA failed to provide direction or discipline:

  • 8/08 S[tand] F[irm] reader points out that Rev. John Beverley Butcher is both an Episcopal priest and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

  • 6/08 Episcopal Life letter to the editor by Rev. John Beverley Butcher, author of The Tao of Jesus, recommends omitting the Nicene Creed. (Also on 8/08.)

  • 6/08 Find webpage of All Saints, Corpus Christi. The purpose statement is “Celebrating the Divine in prayer and action.” Core values include “We are committed to finding innovative ways of experiencing God’s presence in all Sacred Traditions.”

  • 1/08 Hindu-Christian interfaith service

  • 1/08 Buddhist mandala constructed at Philadelphia cathedral

  • 1/08 Native American smudgers at bishop consecration

  • 12/07 Sacramento cathedral hostsTibetan Buddhists to construct mandala and hold Medicine Buddha Healing Ceremony

  • 12/07 Seattle parish offers astrology workshop

  • 10/07 Sufi dance taught in Seattle cathedral

  • 9/07 Navajo teachers and medicine men help with a Navajo blessing ceremony during consecration of bishop

  • 6/07 Interfaith baptism in Newark (Muslim and Jewish prayers added to Christian liturgy)

  • 6/07 Episcopal priest in Seattle announces she is a Muslim.

  • 5/07 A liberal Episcopal layman/ordained Sufi leads Sufi healing circle meetings at St. Philip’s Cathedral, Atlanta, GA

  • 4/07 A copyrighted Liturgy of Invitation was celebrated by the Episcopal Committee on Science, Techology, and Faith. Readings included antitheistic philosophy.

  • 9/06 A Tibetan Buddhist lama leads a guided meditation for EDS seminarians & faculty.

  • 5/06 Episcopal Bookstore offers pagan book Love Potions for sale online.

  • 4/06 Wiccan priest/Episcopal layman surfaces, having had essays published on the Oasis blog and Father Jake’s blog and Louie Crew’s blog.

  • 4/05 Two Druid/Episcopal priests exposed in Pennsylvania.

  • 5/04 A transgender shaman/pagan priest and a witch are featured speakers at a conference partly sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan GLBT outreach group

  • 1/95 Gaia mass in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

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