Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fake churches

Christopher Johnson at the Midwest Conservative Journal nails it again, in commenting on a post by Diogenes at Catholic World News:

. . . Viewed in isolation, the consecration of Gene Robinson meant nothing. A sinner became a bishop and there's nothing whatsoever unusual about that. All bishops in all churches everywhere are sinners.

But such events can't be viewed in isolation so what made this event so important for Anglican Christians was what it represented. In 2003, the Episcopal Church decided at its General Convention to change 2,000 years of Christian teaching simply because it wanted to please a particular Episcopal pressure group and simply by voting to.

And since under the rules of the Anglican game, Gene Robinson became an Anglican bishop the moment he got his pointy hat and hooked stick, the rest of the Anglican Communion had its theology changed as well, regardless of its views and regardless of the complete absence of a pillar of fire and cloud, a really scary voice and the lack of a stone tablet on which God had recorded His change of mind. Hence the Current Unpleasantness.

Once GenCon 2003 happened, orthodox Anglicans could no longer hide from or rationalize away a fact that many of us had known for years. In the Episcopal Church, everything is negotiable. People get insulted when you suggest that we may one day see Episcopal liturgies for marriages between a man and two or more women, a woman and two or more men, an adult and a child or an adult and two or more children. "The Episcopal Church would never permit such things!" we are angrily assured.

The response to that, of course, is simple. Why? What on earth would prevent it? The Episcopal Church has already shown an eagerness to take societal instruction on the matter of homosexual sex. If the society in which it lives degenerates to the point where such abominations are consider "normal," why should the Episcopalians not follow society's lead once again?. . .

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