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++Orombi gives sanctuary to another one: Christ Church Savannah

Christ Church SavannahFrom Christ Church Savannah:

September 30, 2007—Savannah, Georgia: The vestry of historic Christ Church has voted to continue in a province in good standing with the rest of the worldwide Anglican Communion by placing itself under the pastoral care of The Rt. Reverend John Guernsey, Rector of All Saint’s Church in Woodbridge, VA and a bishop of the worldwide Anglican Communion’s Province of Uganda, Africa. The vestry was unanimous in its decision.

The vote follows a period of discernment and prayer that stretches back to 2000. “For seven years we have studied scripture, prayed and engaged in deep and significant conversations within the vestry, the congregation and the diocese,” Senior Warden Steve Dantin said. “It became clear to us that this was the best direction for us to take in order to proclaim the authority of Holy Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.”

“We have witnessed how The Episcopal Church (TEC) has separated itself from the historic Christian faith over the last few decades,” Dantin continued. “In February 2007 TEC received a final call from the Anglican Communion to return to the central tenets of Christianity, and TEC failed to comply with the request by the September 30 deadline. Therefore, TEC has abandoned the communion previously existing between TEC (including the Diocese of Georgia) and Christ Church. This is a sober moment for us, but our first allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s word revealed to us in the Holy Bible.”

“Traditional Anglican worship will continue at Christ Church just as it has for almost 275 years,” said The Reverend Marc Robertson, Rector of Christ Church. “We have had an established mission relationship with Uganda for several years. Bishop Guernsey in Virginia is well known to us, and I welcome the opportunity to serve under his authority."

The province of Uganda, under the leadership of Archbishop Henry Orombi, has a membership of 9.5 million people, including 33 churches in the U.S. Christ Church is one of over 1,000 congregations representing more than 200,000 U. S. Anglicans and 1,200 clergy who are associates of the Anglican Communion Network, an ecclesial, Anglican body in the U. S. Christ Church is also an affiliate of the American Anglican Council, an advocacy group for Anglican orthodoxy in the United States.

Founded in 1733 with the establishment of the Georgia colony, Christ Church is the Mother Church of Georgia and its oldest continuous Christian congregation. Christ Church predates the establishment of The Episcopal Church in the United States and the Diocese of Georgia. Early rectors include British evangelists John Wesley and George Whitefield. Located on its original site on historic Johnson Square in downtown Savannah, Christ Church continues as an active and thriving congregation.

Christ Church is a Bible-based, mission-minded congregation. The Christ Church Parish House hosts Emmaus House, started in the 1980’s, which feeds 30,000 meals to homeless people annually, including a Christmas morning breakfast. Christ Church is a full partner in the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens, which it founded in 1935, returning the bulk of its proceeds to community ministries and mission. Christ Church also supports missions in Pass Christian, Mississippi; Belize; Romania; Russia; South America and Uganda.

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