Thursday, October 04, 2007

In 5 years, Episcopal Church attendance drops 10.9%

From the Bible Belt Blogger:

Between 2001 and 2006, average Sunday attendance at Episcopal churches in the United States has fallen nearly 11 percent.

This is an estimate, based on preliminary 2006 numbers and a few 2005 numbers:
For 2006, U.S. membership should be about 2,156,043.

Average Sunday Attendance in the U.S. should be about 764,660.

The actual numbers will vary slightly. Here's why. The above estimate is based on the (flawed) assumption that 2006 membership and average Sunday attendance in Haiti, the Virgin Islands, Europe, Micronesia and Taiwan mirrored the 2005 membership and average attendance in those countries. That won't be the case.

If membership and attendance climbed in those countries, it means the U.S. losses will be even greater. However, if membership and attendance declined, it means the above estimate overstates U.S. losses.

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